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The Quad: Upon Reflection

My window overlooked the quad

But you couldn’t overlook the quad

Not with Kool and the Gang’s Ladies Night

Or Parliament’s Knee Deep

Bouncing off of the walls…the concrete

The tree with the painted on Kappa Diamond

The Quad


Where the likes of Ray-Ray, Face, Karen Sweets, Earl, and Snakey-O-Boy threw down

The swelling crowd told to push back

We had some here but we needed some more

I can still hear the Zeta bells ringing in the air

I can still imagine destination rising to the sky

While wide-eyed freshmen dreamed of the day of joining the circle

The Quad


The place to stand

As you contemplated going to the SUB…to class…the library…or to simply stand still

Allowing LU to fill you

The place to find out what movie was playing in Ware

To bum a quarter for the party

To throw game at a person of interest…gotta move fast…weekend’s coming

The Quad


At year’s end

With boxes and bags

Dragging heavy loads from one dorm to another

A new home

A new experience

But still the Quad serves as the familiar

The place to gather once settled…to begin anew

The Quad


Then, following Commencement

Walking from the gym in your cap and gown

For the last official tie

To pass through and onto the future

Looking forward

To another encounter

With the Quad



Guy A. Sims is a PROUD Lincoln University graduate (Class of 1983).  He is the author of the novel, Living Just A Little, and the crime novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.  He is also the head writer of the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the Brotherman graphic novel, Revelation

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