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Top Ten True Love Zone Songs


It has been said that music is only love looking for words.  Sometimes, no words are needed.  Other times, it is pure emotion floating on a melody.  I was moved to ponder and explore music and its power after reading a post from a friend of mine.    She shared a song, Stranger by Jeffry Osborne and mentioned how powerful a song it was.    I agreed, knowing the tug and pull songs like this have on the heart and memories.

This got me to thinking.  There are some songs that make you bob your head.  Others that make you get up and dance, with a partner or not.  Still, some other songs infiltrate your backbone, rising the need to get close, get your belly rub on.  While all sounds good, I want to share the songs that create the hypnotic sense of euphoria.  I want to identify the songs that when they pop up on the radio, shuffle in on your Ipods, or a plays over a stereo speaker,  all you can do is, as the Floater’s sang, float on.

There are thousands of songs that put you in the mood, not in a sexual way, but in a true loving way.  The songs whose words, whose phraseology capture the truth of the true desire of the heart. It is understood that different songs do this for different people so know this is merely a foundation for the universal collection of songs that restore your faith in love, in life, and the quest for unquenchable satisfaction.

I struggled with more contemporary songs.  Perhaps I haven’t had any experiences associated with anything by people like Beyonce, Tamar, K. Michelle or anyone in their ilk.  I’ll leave their songs to someone else.

I bring to you the Top Ten Songs that Send You Into the Love Zone.

1.     Where Do We Go From Here – Enchantment (1979)

The Line:  So should I just turn my head (Turn my head), Like nothing has been said (Nothing’s been said), Or take a chance on your love

2.     Don’t Go – En Vogue (1990)

The Line: Let’s make sweet love tonight, I won’t put up any fight, Your wish is my command

3.     Sukiyaki – A Taste of Honey (1981)

The Line:  If only you were here, you’d wash away my tears, The sun would shine and once again you’d be mine, all mine

4.     The Answer Is You – Phyllis Hyman (1978)

The Line: When you touch me there’s something deep inside, That tells me you’re the reason I’m alive

5.     Firefly – Temptations (1975)

The Line: Even when I have to lie, I shouldn’t have lie

6.     Dear Lover – Teena Marie (1984)

The Line: ‘Cause I’ve been wishing on the rings of Saturn, Calling on Jupiter and Mars.Praying on ten zillion light years, To bring you closer to my heart

7.     Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song) – Chic (1978)

The Line: Tears roll down my cheeks and you were never around to wipe my eyes. For years you played hide and seek with my love. You are just that kind of guy.

8.     If Only For One Night – Luther Vandross (1986)

The Line: Your eyes say things i never hear from you and my knees are shaking too. But i’m willing to go thru, I must be crazy.

9.     Tell Me If You Still Care – SOS Band (1983)

The Line: I was so insecure with you. Did you still want me? So I let go of the feeling that you were still all mine.

10.     Love’s Calling – James Ingram (1981)

The Line: Let’s make some plans tonight.  Start loving the wrong to right.

The goal is not for you to agree or disagree with this list.  I just want you to think about what puts you in, as Billy Ocean put it…the Love Zone.

What song does it for you? Let me know.


Guy A. Sims is the author of the romantically romance novel, Living Just A Little, and the crime novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.  He is also the head writer of the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the forthcoming Brotherman graphic novel, Revelation.