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Book Review Raising Hasana: A must have for parents with ADHD

Raising Hasana: Summer Adventures

Subtitle: A parent’s guide to building enriching experiences for your daughter with ADHD

Author:   Rhashidah Perry

Copyright:   2016

Pages:  48


Raising children is challenging. The Greek philosopher Democritus put it down like this; Raising children is an uncertain thing; success is reached only after a life of battle and worry.  Even in the best of times, situations, and environments of health, support,
resources, and love, the quote above still holds true.  Raising children is extremely challenging, a true labor of love. For parents of children (ages 5-17), approximately 10% are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  For boys of the same age range, their percentage spikes to 14% while 6% of girls are identified with ADHD.  Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (may act without thinking about what the result will be), or be overly active. Although ADHD can’t be cured, it can be successfully managed, and some symptoms may improve as the child ages.

There is a clinical side to understanding and experiencing ADHD and how children manifest it but author Rhashidah Perry, a certified parent trainer with CHADD, a nonprofit organization that operates as a national resource on ADHD, chronicles a more personal experience and journey as a mother and family member with a child with ADHD.  She journals over the course of a summer the challenges of transitioning from the structure of school year to the less structured summer vacation, the change in medications and dosages, navigating dual parenting roles, and ensuring attention is shared with siblings and other family members.

Almost technical and jargon-free, Perry shares significant moments in her, her daughter, and the other family members lives as if sitting with you over a cup of coffee or in a car on the way to take care of errands.  Her comments, observations, frustrations, and celebrations are honest, clear, and helps to paint the picture that it is not only the child with ADHD, the entire family experiences ADHD.

Although the book’s focus in on guiding parents of children with ADHD, it is a revealing look at the challenges, frustrations, battles, and balancing acts Perry has on a daily basis, such as meticulously setting out clothes the night before to ensure a smooth morning and carefully monitoring prescriptions.  Perry also has to fight to ensure proper and appropriate IEP (Individual Education Program) in school, confronts family members who don’t understand what ADHD is, or even how to find moments simply to rest.

Perry’s book exemplifies the sometimes fatigued filled, repetitious, and nerve-wearing existence that she and other parents of children with ADHD experience.  Because of the unpredictability of school, home, and other places of activity, the parent is always on alert, which is draining and has a significant impact on the family environment.

Raising Hasana is a book by a parent for parents.  In its succinctness, Perry reveals the everyday challenges faced but, in all things, shows that love and commitment are the greatest tools to help children with ADHD.

You can get your copy at Amazon.com

Guy A. Sims is the author of the novel, Living Just A Little, and the crime novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.  He is also the head writer of the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the Brotherman graphic novel, Revelation. 

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Aunt Sadie’s Angel: Book Review

Aunt Sadie’s Angel: A Review

Author: Lisa-Jane Erwin

Illustrator: Lauren A. Brown

Copyright 2015

220 pages


Whatever you learned about Heaven in Sunday School…forget it!  Aunt Sadie’s Angel re-imagines the heavenly kingdom as a celestial organization, complete with bureaucracy, professional challenges, political jockeying, miscommunication, and the stresses of doing an eternity of good work.  Author Lisa-Jane Erwin presents the story of having to put aside a lifetime of differences in order to provide care for a young girl.

Elderly Aunt Sadie, only weeks away from being spirited to the Pearly Gates, is throwing paradise into confusion.  The head wing-maAngelsker is not prepared, there is the uncertainty of who her guardian angel is, and worst of all, when Aunt Sadie’s mortality expires, and the granddaughter she is caring for will be left alone.  Angels are scrambling to figure out who her father is and what angelic side of the family will watch over her. Rivalries and responsibilities are called into question, all under the watchful eye of the Most High.

Lisa-Jane Erwin’s writing is clear and direct, painting a heavenly landscape as a place divided by occupations, importance, and activities.  The story reads like a tale told around the fireplace on a Saturday evening, inviting the audience to be spellbound and asking for more.  It requires the reader to suspend preconceived notions of Heaven and the behavior of angels.  Some may find it refreshing to find heavenly residents to continue to have the same human foibles as they did on Earthly plane.

Suitable for younger readers, complete with strong messages of faith, responsibility, and a commitment to serving a higher power.  A common read for a youth group or a summer reading selection.

You can get your copy of Aunt Sadie’s Angel at Amazon.com and lisajaneerwin.com.

Guy A. Sims is the author of the novel, Living Just A Little, and the crime novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.  He is also the head writer of the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the Brotherman graphic novel, Revelation.  

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