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Take the Reparations Survey



It seems like everywhere you turn the topic is on the lips of politicians, celebrities, business people, activists, entertainers…almost anyone with a platform.


While the topic is important, what is our understanding of Reparations? Reparations for who? What does it look like? What happens afterward?


Before we can have a real national conversation on Reparations, we have to know what average people think, believe, and expect.


Please share your thoughts by taking the survey: The Reparations Question.  This short survey is just the beginning for small conversations which will turn into larger conversations with the hope for a concrete plan of action.  We, as African Americans, need to drive this conversation.

After you take the survey, please share with friends, family, and co-workers.

You have an opinion…Let’s Hear It! Your comments are confidential and respected.

Thank you!

Dr. Guy A. Sims, The Reparations Project


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