Film Review: Truths and Fairytales reexamines AIDS today

Truths and Fairytales

Kevin V. Tudor, writer/director

Runtime: 68 min

Sandstorm Productions (2015)

Truths and Fairytales Stills

Scene from Truths and Fairytales



“Nobody cares about this anymore.  The hype is gone.  HIV is the new diabetes!”

Newcomer writer/director Kevin V. Tudor tackles the continuing but often not spoken of, topic of HIV and AIDS.  Told through the review of case files, Tudor explores the lives of three people who found themselves infected by the HIV virus, leading to extreme life changes to ultimately death.  Many of the myths and questions of the 1980s find rise as those infected and impacted by the still misunderstood virus act on fears, misinformation, or denial.  The movement through the lives are tied together by a ribbon of pain, fear, anger, and anguish.

In the film, Truths and Fairytales, Dr. Adam Clark (Sean Richards) is mourning the death of his wife from AIDS complications.  His friend and colleague, Dr. Kathy Ryan (Susan Olupitan) seeks to console him through the work he has done with others affected by the disease. The stories (represented through case files) reveal the sense of anger through Lisa (Maggie Brothers), the naiveté Jessy (Montgomery Hutchinson), and the disillusioned Charlotte (Juliette Fairley).  The confluence of their stories reminds the viewers that HIV/AIDS is no respecter of person.

The stories of the three cases are compelling, evoking the viewer with a sense of hope marred by an understanding of reality.  AIDS/HIV has fallen away from the headlines but continue to ravage within the United States and around the world.  This film is a reminder that the work of AIDS education still has a long way to go.  This film has its place among educational settings where new and fresh perspectives on AIDS/HIV can be discussed and treatment can be reinforced.

Kevin V. Tudor

Kevin V. Tudor

Kevin V. Tudor has soft yet effective touch on delivering a delicate message to today’s audience.  As a storyteller, Tudor, a physician, has found the right language to translate a message that appears to have gone dormant from the general public.

Watch the trailer and then purchase your copy from Amazon.

Guy A. Sims is the author of the romantically romance novel, Living Just A Little, and the crime novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.  He is also the head writer of the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the forthcoming Brotherman graphic novel, Revelation.

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