Why So Curious?

Curiosity killed the cat

I have been familiar with this saying for as long as I can remember and up until my high school days it served to block experiences foreign to me.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I was introduced to the (unofficial) second half of the statement:

…but satisfaction brought him back!

In time I came to understand that curiosity can be a killer.  Not in the physical sense but if left unresolved…unexplored…it gnaws away at you…leaving a hunger that remains unsatisfied.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC news took a moment to tweet her thoughts on the value of being curious:

Snyderman Curiosity

Go ahead Nancy!  She’s on point but let’s be sure not to confuse curiosity with being nosy, a busy-body, gossip, or just being all up in someone else’s kool-aid.  Being curious is simply wanting to know something that will bring a deeper meaning to yourself.  Remember, Nancy says that curiosity is magical not a mediocre or malicious exercise.

Author and sociology professor, Eric Michael Dyson tweeted to me his thoughts being curious:

Dyson Curiosity

No doubt he said a mouthful but in essence, he’s speaking the same language as we do here at Virginia Tech.  Curiosity not only makes for becoming a better student but a better member of the community and the world.

So…go ahead and be curious about what’s around you.  Don’t be afraid to want to know why something works, why something happened, or how someone got to be who they are.  It’s not going to kill you…in fact…you will be most satisfied!

Talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose shared this with me, “Curiosity is what opens you to civilization’s experiences. Encourage it, serve it, demand it and it will open a lifetime of challenge and learning.”

When was the last time you were curious about something? Anything?  Let me know @GoodDocSims

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