Nagging questions require struggle

I struggled to respond to the Martin-Zimmerman trial. A struggle rooted in my understanding of race. A struggle in my perceptions of justice. Struggles as a parent, a father, a Black man with a teen son and daughter. What I didn’t want to do was parrot what was already said in the media-verse but I did want to respond. Sometimes the sweetest sound comes when all is silent. In the end, I found the focus of my response on changing the world is by changing the way we interact with one another. A response that calls for the belief that one day the world will have no strangers.

Take a look at this piece from the Roanoke Times and let me know some other ways to change the world…your world…our world.

On Friday, August 9, 2013, at 1 PM in the Perspective Gallery  you are encouraged to come and share what’s been sitting inside you about the case, about justice, about where we go from here…whatever you want to bring to the conversation. If you can join us in person, that’s great!  If you can only  in not-so-person, follow at #HokieImpact, @GoodDocSims @TalkToTricia


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